“zavvie is making me look like the neighborhood expert in Candelas. I’ve already received attention from people outside the community, who have seen my content…zavvie has demonstrated that I know the ins and outs.” Dan Thomas, Arvada



Real Value

Build a Bigger Business

What if you could build a bigger business with an end result of being a neighborhood dominator; the best place to be in real estate? By being a zavvie pro, you will get:

More listings

We are here to talk about closings, not leads, specifically listing side closes. And not just any listing. Listings in your neighborhood. Listings in your “backyard” build off each other. Each year, you will attract sellers that will lead to an extra listing closing in your neighborhood. Based on average home prices in the area, that one closing will generate $10,000 in additional income.

More buyers

zavvie predominantly attracts sellers, but a time-tested truth in real estate is that listings attract buyers. The result: one extra buyer closing each year that will generate $10,000 in additional income based on an average home price of $330,000.

More market share

Your neighborhood market share will increase, and you will generate momentum that will build on itself until you ARE the neighborhood dominator. According to NAR, 80% of sellers do not list with the agent that helped them purchase their home. That is, 4 out of 5 sellers are “orphans.” This is a huge opportunity to increase your market share. If you are already a neighborhood dominator, you will solidify your position and gain even more market share. There’s no better business in real estate than being a neighborhood dominator.

Real Local

Build a Better Business

Your business will be:

More predictable

What if you had a real estate business that you could predict with near certainty that you will do 10 closes a year within a mile or two of your house in the coming year? One of the biggest challenges in real estate is the uncertainty of the business. As a zavvie pro, you will have more assurance that business will come because word spreads in the neighborhood that you are the local real estate expert. Once your neighborhood “wheel” starts spinning, it gains momentum and delivers a steady flow of clients.

More Effective

What if your marketing dollars were spent in a very targeted way to attract new clients, and you didn’t have to worry about spraying your marketing budget in shotgun fashion only to see minimal gain? As a zavvie pro, you concentrate a relatively small marketing spend on a highly focused niche, which is your neighborhood.

More Efficient

What if you had a business that didn’t require a car? You will save time driving around chasing buyer leads all over town and will be able to focus on the clients right in front of you? By becoming a local market expert on zavvie, you will be able to work less and bring home more money.

Real Smart

Build a Better Life

Your career in real estate is not only your business, it is your life. zavvie can help you build a better life. 

Gain recognition

You will become the neighborhood expert that homeowners go to for advice. You will know more about real estate in your neighborhood than anyone else in the world and will be able to share your expertise with those around you. The reward for you is the recognition of being the local expert and the business that comes with that status

Get a system that works

You will not have to reinvent the wheel to become a neighborhood expert, our pre-built system will do it for you. By plugging into a system that has already been proven to work, you can focus on real estate and your clients, rather than SEO, web design, data science, and social media marketing.

Gain traction over competitors

We all know farm marketing is a great business, but the challenge is sticking with it until your crops are flourishing and you’re ready to harvest. In the past, it has taken about 10 years of consistent effort to become a neighborhood dominator. The digital age has created a big new opportunity in farming. What once took a decade can now be achieved in a fraction of the time. Using our digital farming system, agents who have gained traction become some of the top producers in their farms in just 2 years.

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With our Digital Power Farming system you will gain a captive online audience made up of your neighbors and community.  Content we contribute for you combined with your highly local real estate knowledge will elevate you to become the go-to expert in your neighborhood.  All of this with an impressive ROI!