When you get zavvie: 

We establish your web presence, reinforcing your credibility as the local go to pro in your exclusive territory.

 You get a neighborhood themed website and a neighborhood Facebook page that highlight you as the expert.

We post content to your Facebook pages and website every day, which engages Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm and shows that you are active in your market.

Even more importantly, our powerful mobile and desktop apps make sharing your expertise quick and easy.  Our templates make posting listing reviews, market updates, and insights simultaneously to your neighborhood website, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, all the time it takes to send a text message.

We also support you on Nextdoor.com, which is emerging as the next major real estate marketing channel.

To ensure you get the most from our program, we provide world class support from a dedicated Success Manager who will work with you personally and help in every way possible.

Over time, we help your audience know like and trust you as the local expert, so they turn to you when they are ready to sell. You get leads, listings, and closes!