What is zavvie?

zavvie is a hyperlocal marketing solution that cost effectively generates leads, listings, and closes in your exclusive neighborhood territory. We work with you so you become recognized as the go to local pro.

What exactly does zavvie do? How does it work?

First, we establish your local web presence, reinforcing your credibility as the local go to pro in your exclusive territory. You get a neighborhood themed website and a neighborhood Facebook page that highlight you as the expert.

Then, we post to your website and Facebook pages Monday through Friday, which shows that you are active in your market. Daily posting also engages Facebook’s algorithm so more people see your posts.

Even more importantly, our powerful mobile and desktop apps make sharing your expertise as easy as sending a text message. Using our templates you can quickly post listing reviews, market updates, and insights simultaneously to your neighborhood website, Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In.

We also support you on Nextdoor.com, which is emerging as the next major real estate marketing channel.

To ensure you get the most from our program, we provide world class support from a dedicated Success Manager who will work with you personally and help in every way possible.

Over time, your audience recognizes you as the local expert, so they turn to you when they are ready to sell or buy.

Does zavvie generate leads?

Absolutely, but not the way you might think. zavvie is very different from typical lead gen programs that may provide a large quantity of non-local buyer leads.

In contrast, zavvie generates two different types of leads:

  1. “Local Leads” that are captured for you through Facebook. These are people who clicked on a zavvie post, indicating they live in or are interested in your exclusive neighborhood. These leads may be added to your database for follow up email drip campaigns.

    2. “Need Help Now Leads” are people who reach out to you through phone, Facebook, or email. These are the best leads of       all: people who have gotten to know you, over time, as the local go-to pro through your zavvie posts.. zavvie is all about Need Help Now leads.

How quickly should I start to see results using zavvie?

As soon as you are set up on zavvie, you will immediately benefit from the reinforced internet presence (the neighborhood website, neighborhood Facebook page, and daily content) that strengthens your credibility as the local expert. Your internet presence can be crucial in helping you pass the “online interview” that sellers and buyers inevitably conduct before choosing an agent.

In terms of building a web audience of homeowners and buyers who will see you as the local go-to pro and become sales opportunities, we find that usually takes six months to a year, depending on how often you post (in addition to the daily posts zavvie automatically provides). zavvie clients who consistently post insightful information can gain significant market share in that time frame.

What results should I expect?

We have found that, on average, zavvie clients increase their farm business by 23% each year. For a typical zavvie client, that works out to one additional close in your exclusive territory in the first year. These results build on each other and grow over time.

Will zavvie do all my social media for me?

Not really. We do post to your neighborhood website and Facebook pages every weekday, which provides a baseline of content that shows you are an active agent. But, to really position yourself the local expert, it’s important that you post consistently to share your knowledge and insights with your neighborhood audience through consistent posting. After all, you’re the neighborhood expert, and the more useful information your audience gets from you, the better.

What’s the best way to get faster and better results?

Sharing your expertise! Posting once or twice a week using the zavvie apps and templates can be very effective. We find sold reviews get the best engagement.  Here’s the zavvie best practice: write a listing and sold review for every property that goes on the market in your farm.

Also, there’s a lot you can do offline to reinforce your standing as the local go to pro. Believe it or not, just being present in your neighborhood - even walking your dog or working in the local coffee shop - makes a big difference. See the Hyperlocal Hero checklist  for ideas.

How much time will I need to spend on zavvie to use it effectively?

Initially, there will be a few tasks for you to complete when you are getting set up, such as downloading the mobile app, choosing a neighborhood brand URL, and uploading photos to your account.  Your Success Manager can walk you through all of this. Once those tasks are complete and you are set up, the time you spend on zavvie can vary from zero to no more than a few minutes each day. Of course, the time you spend working with leads and clients from zavvie will probably be much greater.

Is zavvie like a blog?

No. We recognize that very few busy agents have the time and inclination to blog. So, zavvie pros don’t  write blog articles. Instead, we believe in quick, insightful posts - the information you already have in your head, and might text to a client.

How much time does it take to create a post?

Basically, the same amount of time as it takes you to write a text message, update your Facebook, send a tweet, or post to Instagram. Think seconds, not minutes.

Can I put content from my zavvie Facebook Community page on my personal Facebook page?

No, Facebook doesn’t allow that and works hard to catch people who mix their personal and business pages. A great way to get your sphere from your personal Facebook page to your zavvie Facebook Community page is simply to occasionally post links to your zavvie content on your personal Facebook page.


What do the zavvie apps do?

  1. They make posting quick and easy by providing easy templates for listing reviews.

  2. They are a database of all your zavvie leads.

  3. They allow you to update your profile that appears on your Neighborhood Website.

How big are your exclusive territories?

They vary but are typically about 2,000 homes.

How is zavvie different from Zillow?

zavvie is completely different from Zillow! Zillow is a portal where buyers go to browse through a vast amount of information, including for sale properties. In contrast, zavvie websites focus on individual agents and neighborhoods and provide specific content that attract sellers.

*Note that since Zillow generates buyer leads while zavvie gets sellers, the two sites can be very complementary.

Will zavvie’s prices go up?

We don’t know, but right now you have an opportunity to get in on the ground floor.

Can I lock in more than one year at the current price?

Sure, just ask!

Can I buy multiple territories


Can zavvie accounts be customized for teams?

Absolutely! Teams are a great fit for zavvie and we are able to develop solutions that meet team’s needs.

Is it better to farm an area with a high price point, or high turnover?

 The answer is neither. The fact is, an agent’s market share in a given farm territory has far more bearing on their success than anything else. So, when choosing a farm territory, you should pick the area where you can believe you can get the most share. Typically that is where you live, near where you live, or another area where you spend a lot of time and have deep connections.

Let’s get this straight: zavvie is inexpensive, has a minimal time commitment, and delivers proven results. Why would any sane agent not want to get zavvie?

zavvie isn’t a good fit for agents who 1) don’t want to be known as the go-to agent in any specific neighborhood, but rather want to pursue lots of different opportunities in many different areas, 2) love working on social media, marketing, blogging, etc, and already have great system set up that generates all the listing leads they want. 3) are not interested in building a listing based business.

I’m already great at social media. Why should I sign up for zavvie?

Do you have a neighborhood website and neighborhood Facebook page? Few agents do. If not, how do people who are interested in your neighborhood find you? These can be a valuable addition to your marketing.

  • zavvie can be your safety net when you just can’t post. Do you ever get too busy, or take a vacation?

  • zavvie’s apps can make your current posting easier and more efficient.

  • Our Facebook lead gen delivers Local Leads with email addresses to your Inbox.

How does zavvie build my web audience?

Our Neighborhood Websites are created with Search Engine Optimization in mind, so they show up high in Google rankings.On Facebook, our daily posts and regular boosting ensures your neighborhood Facebook page shows up at the top of search results.

How do you get local content?

Our Media Team has a structured plan for daily posts that is easily adapted to any geographic area. We scour the web for local information such as listings, local happenings, and relevant market trends that fit each area. We create posts using that information. The process is the same for any area in the country.”

How did zavvie get started?

zavvie is an independent company that was spun off by 8z Real Estate, a fast growing, high productivity independent brokerage based in Boulder, Colorado  8z had been using the internet for farm marketing since 2012 and realized that agents in other brokerages could benefit from the same programs.

Is zavvie owned by 8z?

No, the ownership is distinct and includes outside investors. We are proud that many 8z agents who use zavvie are among the investors!